One-Time Super Coaching Session

One-Time Super Coaching Session


You’ve been busting your ass.

Maybe you did everything your parents said. Maybe you did everything your boss said. And yet, you’re still feeling hella stuck. Things aren’t going the way you planned. Somehow, you feel further from your dreams than ever.

That’s because the rules of the game have changed.

Today, each of us has the biggest platform and microphone of any previous generation and it’s completely revolutionized the way we work. Today’s creators seek not only stability but passion, inspiration, and constant growth in everything we do. Today, we all need to be our own publicist / brand manager / cheering squad to be seen and heard.

Sound familiar? Then it’s time for a Super Session.

I help creative people close that gap between where they are and where they want to be. A Super Session is the critical first step.

A 90-min Super Session will leave you feeling calmer, energized, and more focused than ever before. Each Super Session includes:

  • An assessment of your current career and goals

  • A deepdive into your daily habits

  • An analysis of your biggest hurdles and fears

  • A dream-designing worksheet

  • An action plan for success

Super Session participants receive a one-time 15% discount on all Coaching Programs (does not include the monthly payment plans)

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