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I offer private coaching programs for creatives that are ready to take focused action to generate new work and develop their careers. 

Coaching is a dynamic and memorable way to to see real results and measurable progress. Together, we will set goals and then crush them. By the end of our time together you will have gained the skills, tools, and methodologies to continue growing on your own. If you’d like to continue working together, returning clients receive a lifetime 2o% discount on all future packages. To determine if coaching is right for you, check out our FAQs

As your coach, I support you to:

  • Assess your current skills and habits with honesty and transparency

  • Outline specific and measurable goals 

  • See clearly the contributions you’re here to make

  • Breakthrough your familiar stopping points and develop better habits

  • Take action with ease and joy

  • Celebrate your successes

  • Rewire your brain to trust yourself and believe in your potential

I’ll help you clear the lost and overwhelming feelings that often occur when creating new and special work.

Coaching delivers real impact and transformative change that self-help books and internet articles simply can’t guarantee. 

With coaching, everything is about you, your goals, and your success. Because of this, I limit my coaching clients to just 12 people at a time. This maximizes my focus and attention on you and prioritizes your success. 


Meet Your Creative Coach

Hi, I'm Claire and I'd love to change your life. 

I used to work a job I hated. I sacrificed my personal values, creativity, and bits of my soul for corporate success. That clash manifested itself in my life as stress, depression, and sever anxiety. 

When I was 28 years old,  I ditched my fancy corporate advertising job and launched my first six-figure business. Then, I followed my dreams and enrolled in the MFA Film program at Columbia University.  Now, my outer life matches my inner values and I love every single minute of the work I do.

I'm just a New York girl from a housing projects in Queens that somehow managed to attend an elite private boarding school, New York University, and Columbia University. I spent years hiding who I really was for the hope of "fitting in." I ditched my tongue piercing (RIP) and forced myself into a corporate mold. And in the process, I learned that "fitting in" is a quick path to creative failure. 

If you're like me, you have big dreams and there ain't no box big enough to contain your spirit. You want to break molds and build something new.

You're not here to play by old rules. You're here to make new ones. And I'm here to guide you, each step of the way. So what are you waiting for? Let's get to work. 

Story Coach

This is a 3-month program to help you identify a creative concept, outline your story, and complete your first draft. Do you have your next big idea but unsure of where to start?

Who is this program for?

This is coaching package is best suited for screenwriters, novelists, short story writers, and creative non-fiction writers.

Story Coaching Program Details

  • Creative project launch meeting

  • Treatment workshop

  • Outline review and feedback

  • Custom writing plan and schedule

  • Weekly check-in meetings

  • Creative review and feedback of all materials on a weekly basis

  • Access to a weekly newsletter of writing exercises + tips

  • Final review and analysis of first draft with notes

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Producing Coach

Do you have wild crazy dreams to make big things happen?

Or do you just love getting shit done?

Maybe you’re an independent producer looking for guidance while you navigate your next big project.

With this program, you’ll have creative and professional support to guide you from start to finish on any project. This is a 3 month coaching program specially tailored to the needs of multi-disciplinary producers.

Who is this program for?

  • Ambitious creative producers

  • Early to mid-career line producers, associate producers, and co-producers

  • Filmmakers, events professionals, and advertising professionals

Producing Coaching Program Details

  • Initial Consultation

  • Project + Capabilities Assessment

  • Review of all budgets, production documents, business plans, financing and marketing plans

  • Creative mentorship

  • Weekly Project Advancement Calls

  • Bi-Weekly Newsletter with tips, articles, and other useful info for Creative Producers

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Creative Career Coach

Are you a creative looking to grow your career but unsure of where to start?

Perhaps you’re a designer looking to launch your own freelance business?

Or maybe you're a college grad looking to break into the film, fashion, or advertising industry? 

Have you just started your dream job and want to impress the hell out of your new boss?

This is just a small sampling of the types of situations I can coach you through so you emerge happy, healthy, and creatively inspired to advance your career.  In this 6-month coaching program, expect an illuminating, empowering, and transformational career development experience that will put you back in the drivers seat of your career.

Who is this program is for?

  • Early to mid-career creatives in all disciplines and industries.

  • Prospective graduate students

  • Professional and emerging artists 

Creative Career Coaching includes:

  • An initial Career Consultation

  • Design Your Dream Career Worksheet 

  • Capabilities + Skills Assessment

  • Weekly 45 min Career Advancement Calls

  • Custom tailored set of professional development tools and opportunities

  • Mock Interviews 

  • Portfolio Review and Feedback

  • Bi-Weekly Newsletter with tips, articles, and other useful info for building your creative career 

Program Deliverables:

  • 3 -  5 resume templates 

  • Job seeker email templates

  • A Personalized Networking Strategy 

  • Social Media Profile Overhaul 

  • Personal Website Design + Development 

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