The superswell approach

Talent as Partner

Step 1: Dream Up Something Wild & Big

We partner with a diverse roster and network of talent to develop stories that inspire audiences to action. Sometimes our talent comes to us with their wildest dreams, whether it's in treatment or scrip stage. Sometimes we work hand in hand with our talent partners to create something brand new.  But most of the times, we're dreaming up new ideas and creating them ourselves, all in-house under the guidance of our Founder and master storyteller, Claire Brooks. 

Step 2: Plan For Success

We create project proposals and plans that allow us to move forward on any project confidence. Project plans typically include: creative development, pre-production, budgeting, financing strategy, and physical production. Under the guidance of our Founder and Principal, we create targeted multi-channel marketing solutions custom tailored to amplify the reach of each and every project.

Step 3: Execute

We let the execution process be apart of the story, so that what happens behind the camera is as equally memorable as whatever it is we're creating. By supporting our talent, they become champions and spokespeople that mobilize new audiences. And we measure the results of everything we do, because there's too much data out there not to. Then we use that info to make everything better and bigger each time around.